Welcome at Van De Weijer Professional

At Van De Weijer Professional, we are engaged daily in advising organizations when it comes to using white goods within a company, association or other professional organisation. In doing so, we always keep in mind the wishes of the customer and while doing so we follow the principles below:

  • Achieving the highest possible quality in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of labor.
  • Doing all of this at the lowest possible price.

The professional washing machine versus the household washing machine

When is it worth it to wash with a professional appliance? In practice, a Dutch household washes on average 1.500 kg per year. The cost per kilogram of laundry ('all in') is €0,40. (Source: http://www.nibud.nl)
Washing with a professional washing machine and drying with a gas-heated tumble dryer produces an average price per kilogram of €0,20.

It should be obvious that using (semi-)professional machines can save you a lot of money on your daily laundry and drying costs.

Other benefits to using professional machines:

  • Shorter wash and dry times (60 degrees wash in 45 minutes instead of 1½ hours with a household machine)
  • Larger capacity (more laundry done per wash cycle, but also more convenient for washing large items such as curtains, quilts, duvets, etc.)
  • Three-phase power supply and hot water connection possible
  • Vulnerable parts that are used in household appliances are missing in a professional machine
  • Stronger and more reliably built
  • Ease of use due to straightforward controls

If you are intereseted in setting up a laundry in your company or organisation, we would be more than happy to advise you on this. Doing laundry is a daily business and therefore it is important to handle this well. If you are interested, please contact us right away by phone, or by using the contact form.



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